Lyophilized - anti Human Human GM-CSF Standard -

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IBA-GMCSF-Stand 5 ng
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Product Description

  • Immunobead Assay
  • Lyophilized
  • Human
  • RUO
  • 14 kDa, 35 kDa
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Antigen details


When reconstituted, this product can be used as a standard control with the IMMUNOSTEP™ BeadStep Human GM-CSF Assay (Ref. IBA-hGMCSF). Please refer to the technical data sheet included with the IMMUNOSTEP™ BeadStep Human GM-CSF Assay for further information.

Preparation and Storage:

The Standard component is lyophilized and should be reconstituted in 2.0 mL of Assay Diluent, the standard has a protein concentration of 2,500 pg/mL. Discard unused reconstituted standard, do not store or reuse. Maintain the Human GM-CSF at 4°C and use within 12 hours.

Preparation of Human GM-CSF Standard for use with the BeadStep Assay:

  • Prepare the standards as indicated in the following graph. Mix the reconstituted protein by pipette only. Do not vortex or mix vigorously.Allow the reconstituted standard to equilibrate for at least 15 minutes before making dilutions.

Dilution Graph

  • Prepare one tube containing only Assay Diluent to serve as the 0 pg/mL negative control.

Tech Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet IBA-GMCSF-Standard