APC - anti Mouse IgG1 Isotype control - B11/6

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ICIGG1A-50 50 µg
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Product Description

  • B11/6
  • IgG1
  • FCM
  • APC
  • PBS, 0,09% sodium Azide, may contain carrier protein-stabilizer
  • RUO
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The antibody specificity of the mouse IgG1 produced by clone 1F8. Today, all techniques used for both diagnosis and research must have negative controls. In Flow Cytometry, these are known as Isotypic Controls. With these it is possible to ensure that our results are reliable. All our products are tested against isotypic controls in the assays we call Specificity and we accept only those that show the lowest values innon-specific binding.All the negative control or Isotypic Control reagents available have been tested with pure and conjugated antibodies from Immunostep for Flow Cytometry. With them, you will be able to position the negative cell population correctly and to count the non-specific binding of your antibodies. To do so, it is necessary to employ as controls the same isotype as our antibodies.

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