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Reference Name Format Species Reactivity Size Clone Status Regulatory Add to cart
53A-100T APC Human, Cross-Reactivity 100test HI29 RUO
56A1-100T APC Human 100test B-A19 RUO
1AA-100T APC Human 100test HI149 RUO
2A-100T APC Human 100test TP1/31 RUO
3A1-100T APC Human 100test 33-2A3 CE
10A-100T APC Human. Cross-Reactivity 100test HI10a RUO
4A-100T APC Human 100test HP2/6 CE
3A3-100T APC Human, Cross-Reactivity 100test SK7 RUO
Showing 1 - 8 of 207 items