FITC, PE, PerCP - anti Human CD3/CD19/CD45 - 33-2A3, A3-B1, D3/9

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3F119PE145PP1 -50T 50 test
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Product Description

  • 33-2A3, A3-B1, D3/9
  • IgG2a, IgG2a, IgG1
  • FCM
  • FITC, PE, PerCP
  • Human
  • PBS, 0,09% sodium Azide, may contain carrier protein-stabilizer
  • RUO
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Antigen details

For identification of mature human activated T (CD3+/CD19-) lymphocytes and B (CD3-/CD19+) lymphocytes. CD45 identi?es leucocytes and recognizes a 180- to 220-kDa human leucocyte antigen that is a member of the leucocyte common antigen (LCA) family.