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Reference Name Format Species Reactivity Size Clone Status Regulatory Add to cart
MOGR-1F(V100) FITC Mouse 100 µg RB6-8C5 RUO
MOGR-1F(V25) FITC Mouse 25 µg RB6-8C5 RUO
63FExo-25 FITC Human 25 test TEA3/18 RUO
9FExo-25 FITC Human 25 test VJ1/20 RUO
81FExo-25 FITC Human 25 test M38 RUO
326FExo-25 FITC Human 25 test VU-1D9 RUO
STVF-50 FITC Human, Mouse 50 µg - RUO
Showing 273 - 279 of 279 items